Little Voices

August 26, 2013


Little Voices

“We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson This message of beauty and happiness stays in my voice mail at work. With the press of a few buttons, I have a little voice to fill my heart :)

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We All Fall Down

August 17, 2013


We All Fall Down

When lovely woman stoops to folly, And finds too late that men betray, What charm can soothe her melancholy, What art can wash her guilt away? ~Oliver Goldsmith  

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You decide!

August 8, 2013



I have listed the Titles for my next 3 posts below. All are important to me and will be completed … but I have not yet begun sketching any of them. In Australia we have a pending Federal Election, so I thought it might be fun to get your help by letting you vote for […]

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My Greatest Piece …

July 28, 2013



8760 Lunchbreaks Chris McCandless wrote his final words across a page of a worn out novel he had taken with him, as he sought to find himself in the solitude of the Alaskan wilderness. He had turned his back on others and carried with him less than he needed to survive. He was dying and […]

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Dazzled By The Night

June 15, 2013



3.5 Lunchbreaks “Vas-tu l’aimer la vie ou la regarder juste passer?” ~ Zaz “Are you going to love life or just watch it pass by?” ~ Zaz

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Excessive Force

June 7, 2013



For Nia. Hoping peace and understanding prevail. “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” ~ Albert Einstein  

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Sins of the Father

June 2, 2013


Sins of the Father

4 Lunchbreaks “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” William Shakespeare I watched The Place Beyond The Pines not so long ago. It revisited Shakespearean wisdom regarding those things we keep hidden (beyond the pines), yet which our children through some psychological phenomenon inherit nonetheless. This image captured my thoughts […]

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